Avatar Movie Review

I went to see Avatar last night in 3D and I can tell you that you must go and see it !

Avatar is an amazing film but this is mainly because it is filmed in 3D and this brings to life the whole film. I think I sat through the whole film with my mouth open and totally immersed in another world. This film is all about escapism to another world at its very best. There are many times in the movie that you feel that you are there amongst the actors in the same room.

Whilst the story line is excellent and probably tells a moral story as well the main winner is the 3D technology which surely will herald the start of 3D in most films. Avatar is the perfect movie for 3D as it is filmed in CGI on a fictitious planet called Pandora. The main character is given a new body, an avatar, in which to live his life in the midst of the planets population. These creatures are amazing and they live in a huge jungle full of amazing creatures and floating mountains.

You must go and see this movie !

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