Battleship Movie Review

Just back from seeing the film Battleship. Despite mixed reviews I have been wanting to see it since I saw the trailer. The film stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, the lovely Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna.

I emerged from the cinema after the film with a smile on my face. Forget the storyline. This is an action movie with amazing special affects. Basically, we have been sending signals to a planet that we think may have life on it and some time later the inhabitants of this planet decide to pay us a visit and they are not friendly !

It just so happens that the US navy is conducting war games in the Pacific and they come across several alien space craft that have landed in the sea. After several US ships are sunk and they started  the movie looking like their technology was far superior, and they were just about invincible, the US navy decides to start firing missiles. Why they didn’t fire those to start with is a mystery! The alien ships suddenly start to look vulnerable!

Meanwhile, the aliens, having lost their communications system they try to use Earths satellite system to communicate with their home planet, presumably to ask for reinforcements. In a race against time they bring the US Missouri battleship out of retirement and the only crew that are available are a group of retired sailors. So, the final part of the film is a group of old men up against a far superior alien force in their retired battleship.

There can, of course, be only one ending but the film is a masterpiece of CGI special affects and it is virtually non stop action. Forget the storyline, because this is good old fashioned action film and as long as you don’t take it too seriously you might actually enjoy it. I really enjoyed the movie. It’s almost a Top Gun movie on water and I can highly recommend that you go and see it.

It’s fun and it should put a smile on your face!

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