Stand on top of the world on Nordkette

Taking the scenic train from Verona to Innsbruck in Austria was amazing. In the summer of 2015 I took the awesome train journey from Verona in Italy to Innsbruck in Austria. It takes about 3.5 hours and the journey takes you through the Brenner Pass. The Nordkette mountain is easily accessible from the centre of Innsbruck.

Innsbruck has a backdrop of amazing mountain scenery and if you go you can’t miss taking the journey to Nordkette. The journey starts right in the centre of Innsbruck with The Hungerburg funicular which takes just 8 minutes to reach the cable car that takes you to The Seegrube, at an altitude of 6,250 ft.

Another short cable car then takes you to Hafelekar at an impressive 7,401 ft and the panoramic views are just amazing. The views must be some of the best in Europe. It’s just a short walk from the cable car station to the highest point and you get fantastic views over Innsbruck and the mountains in the distance. The photos below were both taken near to the top.

Nordkette, Innsbruck, Austria

Nordkette – awesome views

I’m at 7,400 ft on Nordkette, Innsbruck, Austria

Mozart’s birthplace also has a famous Christmas market.

During the Christmas “quiet season” Mozart’s city of Salzburg reveals its many different, yet always enchanting, facets.

It is the season for a romantic walk across the city’s hilltops, affording a breathtaking view of the city’s snow-covered roofs, domes and towers.

But Salzburg is also an ideal place to pick up some festive gifts, playing host as it does to a fabulous Christmas market.

Salzburg’s Mirabell Square is the market’s setting from mid-November till later December each year.

From the late 17th century, the main Salzburg Christmas market took place on Cathedral Square, but it was closed during the dark days of Nazism, and reopened north of the river on Mirabell Square after the war.

Happily, there are now Christmas markets in both squares, offering gifts and foodstuffs to warm hearts, hands and feet.

As for the city’s traditional all-year-round attractions, there is plenty to keep you busy. As the home of Mozart and the celebrated Salzburg Festival, as well as the setting for “The Sound of Music” in 1964, Salzburg is known worldwide as a musical city.

Nestled in between the Kapuzinerberg and Monchsberg mountains on the Salzach River, Salzburg is visually stunning – recognised as much for its concentration of high baroque architecture as it is for the surrounding Alpine scenery.

A favourite activity is The Sound of Music Tour, which takes tourists to such landmarks as the Nonnberg Convent, the Residenzplatz and the Mirabell Palace Gardens.

Other popular sites include Mozartplatz, a central square featuring a statue of the composer; and Mozart’s Gerburthaus, his famous birthplace.

Picture is from Flikr