Zante – Greek Island for Cheap Holidays

The island of Zakynthos, or Zante, is the third largest of the Ionian Islands and is a popular destination with budget holiday-makers.Renowned for its beauty and tourist-friendly locals, Zakynthos is blessed with a sunny climate for most of the year, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months. Between now and the middle of June is probably the most comfortable time to go, as the temperature is hot but not extreme, and flight operators are recognising this by offering a host of cheap holidays.

This beautiful island has a host of beaches for holiday-makers who just want to soak up the sun and laze in the calm, crystal-clear waters. Resorts such as Kalamaki, Argassi and Keri are popular with tourists while the bay of Laganas provides a range of facilities during the summer months.Zakynthos is also a good holiday location in terms of both service and accommodation and offers higher standards of food than the majority of budget destinations. The local cheeses and cold meats in the mountain villages are not to be missed and visitors routinely take home as many bottles of the region’s medium dry wines as they can.

Zante town, the capital, is home to the vast majority of the island’s 35,000 inhabitants and is in fact the only place on the island where there are more locals than tourists! The town offers a variety of shops, tavernas and bars as well as a good selection of hotels close to the harbour.The majority of the island was devastated in 1953 by an earthquake and much of the capital was destroyed. Since then, buildings have largely been built in traditional Venetian style, a reminder that the island was ruled by Venice for 400 years. It was also the Venetians that introduced olive trees to the Ionian Islands.

The Greek Islands are renowned for their much-celebrated festivals, and the main one on Zakynthos is St Dionysios’ Day, when the patron saint of the island is commemorated by parading his body around the streets in a glass coffin.Religion is never far away on Zakynthos and the island’s monasteries should definitely be on your list of places to visit during your stay. Getting around the island is easy as taxis are easy to find and cheaper than here in the UK. However, as with all foreign destinations, it is advisable to ask how much the journey will cost before setting out.For those holiday-makers who prefer to come out to play at night, Laganas provides a range of entertainment that continues well into the following day, although it’s a good idea to catch happy hour before 11:00pm as the drinks can sometimes be quite pricy. The clubs do not charge for entry however, so nights out will still be well within your budget.Zakynthos is an ideal destination for some pre-summer sun and, with several cheap flights, hotel deals and package holidays to be snapped up, there’s no excuse for not checking your diary and booking yourself a get-away break on this Greek holiday island.

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Chania – The Little Venice of Crete

Crete is the largest and most southern of all the Greek Islands. It offers a fascinating history, bustling seaside resorts and pretty little Greek villages.According to legend Crete was the birthplace of Zeus, king of all gods and to this day Crete retains much of its ancient character with medieval market towns and stunning archaelogical sites.Crete has much to offer the visitor and is served by two airports.

Most holiday charter flights go into Heraklion as this is closest to the main tourist resorts, however, the other airport is Chania which is on the north west coast of Crete. The town of Chania itself is known as little Venice and was once the capital of Crete. Chania offers sophistication as well as charm and character. If you are looking for some of the real Greece then you should consider a holiday in the Chania area of Crete.

The main focal point of the pretty town of Chania is the Ventian style harbour which is fringed by waterside restaurants and cafe bars, whilst to the west of Chania you will find long sandy beaches and small shingle coves.So, if you are looking for a holiday on a traditional Greek island and at the same time you want good beaches and good dining then a holiday to Chania on the Greek island of Crete might be what you are looking for.

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Holidays to Kefalonia – Its beauty awaits you

Book a holiday to Crete

Kefalonia – its beauty is waiting for you!

From time to time our customers send us their opinions on holiday destinations. Keith Warwick has written for us before and he recently sent us a great well written article about the Greek Island of Kefalonia. His writing brings to life this beautiful island. This is what he has to say about Kefalonia:

Where do you go to get rid of the stresses of life that so insidiously build-up? Well, Kefalonia could well be an ideal solution as a location. It is no myth that this island is astonishingly and unrelentingly beautiful. The sublime beauty of its Arcadian splendour of cypress trees, vines and olive groves, it’s citrus trees and green mantles that create vistas of unforgettable loveliness, is both delightful and real.Kefalonia, The Greek islands

Agostoli, its so-so capital, boasts one of the loveliest squares and shopping streets you could ever wish for. The evening volta, the strolling throngs, takes on an even more pleasurable meaning, whilst the climate enhances the feel-good factor by creating a sense of mellow well-being. Forget about that Corelli thing – the island is so much more than a book.Emphatically entrenched in island mentality, the people are generally hard-working, caring and heart-warmingly human, indeed.

There are a few really good resorts, and even slightly jarring Lassi has hidden charms that need careful finding. I stayed at the Mediterranee Hotel in Lassi. With it’s own beach, convenient location, large pool, ravishing sunsets over the sea, and the solid basics of a four star, the hotel was remarkably cohesive in the quality of the staff and service. The restaurant served ok, sometimes good, food buffet-style, and the average breakfast was enlivened by a large choice of fresh bread and the pleasures of the rotary toaster. The island is blessed by some of the cleanest, most beautiful and ideal beaches on earth.Myrtos is a stunning pebble beach with a murderous and precipitous access track (cars can get wrecked!). But the view here is unforgettable.

The caves you can visit, including an underground pool, are genuinely interesting and profoundly beautiful.Finally, the climate, views, fresh food and the people, meld into one cohesive memory that should, despite a few hiccups, become a classic you will forever review. If you are stressed-out and look for an easy-accessed island – just go there and chill-out as soon as possible!If you are thinking of booking a holiday to Kefalonia why not check out our fantastic choice of low cost holidays. Click the following link or call us on 0800 433 2300.

Holidays to Kefalonia

Mama Mia Causes Surge in Greece Holiday Bookings.

Skiathos, GreeceThe film Mama Mia is the highest grossing film of all time at the UK box office. The film  starred Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep is set on the Greek island of Skopelos, which is just off the coast of the bigger Greek island of Skiathos.Mamma Mia ! based on the hit West End musical and featuring the songs of ABBA, has taken more than $600 million worldwide.

The cast spent four weeks filming on the beautiful island of Skopelos, which has no airport and can only be reached by ferry. Meryl Streep has described the island as “heaven”. Personally, I loved the film. The music, of course, is great, but the scenery of Skopolos shown in the film makes you want to go !An increase in bookings to Greece is partly attributed to the film but also the fact that despite Greece being in the Euro zone the cost of living is still relatively low and therefore Greece has not been as badly affected by the fall in the value of the pound as other EU countries such as Spain, Italy and France.Greece has traditionally been a “lates” booking market and this year promises to be no exception.

Global Holidays is selling late deals to Greece from as little as £299 per person in early season May and June. Holidays to Greece are still affordable, even in a recession.Sales of easyJet flights to Athens have risen by 13 per cent since the film was released in July, and Monarch Airlines have laid on more flights as well.Ionia Hotel, SkopolosIf you fancy a week on Skopolos we have a week at the Ionia Hotel departing on 5 June from Gatwick at a price of £449 per person including flights and Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

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There are no flights to Skopolos. The nearest airport is on the nearby island of Skiathos and there are plenty of holiday charter flights to Skiathos during the months of May to October. It is then a short ferry trip to Skopolos. Skaithos itself is a very beautiful Greek island and it is famous for its many good beaches including Banana Beach. A holiday on Skiathos or Skopolos will appeal to families and couples more than singles but Skiathos in the peak summer months can get lively down on Banana Beach.

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