Bare all on a nude cruise!

Travel agents are reporting a significant increase in the number of people going on nude cruises.

Popular destinations include the Croatian coast, the Far East, the Caribbean and – not for the faint hearted – Alaska. 

Bare Necessities, a nudist travel company, says in its brochure: “Sun-bathe, without fear of tan lines, by one of three fabulous pools. Whether, you choose to gamble in the casino or catch a show, it can be done sans clothes,” reports the Times.

The nude cruise specialist has just announced its annual “the Big Nude Boat” cruise for 2013. They claim that there will a record breaking 3,000 people on the cruise that is a round trip between Fort Lauderdale and The Panama Canal. The cruise uses the Carnival Freedom

The average cruise-goer is between 45 and 55 and prices are similar to those of standard cruises.

John Stockdale, 51, spoke to the Times about his experience of nude cruising: “All kinds of people go – there are lots of retired teachers, doctors, professional people.

“After a while you don’t realise that people aren’t wearing clothes because everyone looks the same.”

He was keen to stress that wife swapping was not a feature of nudist cruises as many people think. This is supported by British Naturism which defines naturism as: 

“A way of life in harmony with nature…. with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment.”

There are rules on the cruises to ensure comfort and privacy are upheld. Generally mobile phones are not allowed and passengers are advised how to behave on initially entering a nudist environment.

Clothes are worn when disembarking and for formal dining. Staff wear clothes at all times.

Don’t call expensive 0871 numbers!

It’s nice when we get customers telling us how good our service is. We booked a customer this morning on a holiday to Corfu and she called this afternoon with a question. She told us that she had called another travel agent with an 0871 telephone number and had been kept waiting 20 minutes and nobody answered. Sounds like a money making exercise to us because they can cost 10 pence a minute, and its almost criminal that some travel agents keep their customers waiting for so long.

The exact opposite is true about Global Holidays. They have a FREE 0800 telephone number which is normally answered within a few seconds. This lady called our freephone number and ended up booking a lovely holiday for far less that she expected.

Our customer said that she thought our service was fantastic and that she would recommend her friends to us.

Now that’s what good service can do and that’s why we have a FREE 0800 telephone number as well as low prices and excellent service.

To book with Global Holidays call FREE on 0800 433 2300 !

Euro 2012 countries quirky facts

BBC Radio Leeds called us yesterday and asked us if we would contribute to their mid morning show. They wanted interesting facts and stories about any of the Euro 2012 football tournament countries and they said they would call back in 30 minutes so that we could be “live” on air. We are regular contributors to BBC Radio Leeds. When they feature a travel related story they often ask us to either go into the studio or call us for our travel industry views.

We had 30 minutes to come up with some interesting facts for the show so we started thinking. Whilst we know lots and lots of holiday facts about many countries we had to come up with quirky interesting facts that would not be boring so it was a race against time to come up with what the show wanted.

The call from the radio show came and we were “live” on air. Here are some of the quirky facts that we shared with listeners on the show.

1. Netherlands – Amsterdam has over 1 million bicycles and only 700,000 residents.

2. Netherlands – Dutch people are the tallest in Europe. The average man is just over 6 ft tall.

3. France – The Statue of Liberty was made in France.

4. France – The bikini was invented in France in 1946.

5. France – It’s illegal to call a pig Napoleon.



6. France – The first denim fabric was exported to California. It was bought by Levi Strauss. Denim is short for “de Nimes” the French city.

7. Sweden – Has the highest per capita number of McDonald restaurants in Europe.

8. Ikea started in Sweden.

9. Spain has over 8,000km of beaches – Great place for holidays!

10. Spain is over 5 times bigger than the UK but with only two thirds of the population.

11. Ukraine – Kiev ( Arsenalskaya) has the deepest metro station in the world. It takes over 4 minutes by escalator to    travel that distance.

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Jamaica here we come !

We love Jamaica here at Global Holidays. Great beaches, friendly people who can dance really well ! and good quality hotels with good food. What more do you want from a holiday ? Oh yes…the weather is great too especially in winter.

So, the good news is that Virgin Atlantic will be introducing an extra flight this winter to Montego Bay. The flight will operate on a Friday which will mean Virgin Atlantic will be operating three flights a week. The airline has spent £50m refurbishing the aircraft to be used on the London to Montego Bay route which includes wider seats even in economy and a new touch screen in flight entertainment system.

Tourism chiefs in the Caribbean have been concerned about the decline in visitor numbers to the Caribbean so this news will surely give them some cheer !

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Wasted Weekends – 32 million Brits Squander Saturday & Sunday !

• Brits not putting in the miles for a weekend adventure
BRITS URGED TO BAN WEEKEND BOREDOM: Only a third (34%) of Brits make the most of their weekends, blaming a lack of planning, time and cash for their shortage of fun.
New research from Allianz Your Cover Insurance has found that half of Brits (50%) rate their weekends as average and nearly a fifth (18%) say their typical weekend is boring. Allianz Your Cover Insurance has launched its Great British Weekend campaign2 to overcome weekend boredom by urging everyone to get out and about to make the most of their weekends.  
 Andy James of Allianz Your Cover said: “We want to instil a renewed sense of adventure in Britons’ weekends and encourage us all to make the most of what Britain has to offer. We are a nation that is known for ‘living for the weekend’ however it turns out that when it gets to the weekend most Brits are wasting it. We are launching our Great British Weekend campaign to highlight the potential fun there is to have at the weekend by uncovering new places or having new experiences.” 
Secrets to a top weekend

Brits that enjoy their weekends put their secret down to being happy to spend time at home (36%) or planning ahead to make sure they have fun (29%).
Brits top weekend activities are:  
 1. Relaxing at home (40%)
2. Enjoying the countryside (23%)
3. Watching TV (22%)
4. Having a weekend break away (22%)
5. Reading a book (21%)  
The research also showed:  
 • Those aged 55+ are most likely to be enjoying the year ahead with an average of five day trips planned
• The majority (91%) of Brits use their cars to go away at the weekend but are only prepared to travel an average of 58 miles
• Older generations have the most adventurous spirit as they are willing to drive the furthest for a day trip and weekend away.    
 For help when out and about in their cars, Brits can download the Allianz Your Cover Find & Drive Smartphone app which helps locate essential services when on the move.
Join the Allianz Your Cover Insurance Great British Weekends campaign by joining their Facebook page!/YourCoverUK or by following them on Twitter @YourCoverUK. Allianz Your Cover Insurance is running a competition for two lucky Twitter followers to win an annual family National Trust membership. Follow @YourCoverUK to enter and find out more. 

 The Welsh have the secret to weekend success and are having the most fun with nearly half (43%) enjoying their weekends. Whereas those in Northern Ireland could have more fun as only a quarter (26%) say they are making the most of their weekends.

Andy James continues: “Our research shows Brits are not planning to take more day trips or weekend breaks this year compared to 20113. We were expecting Brits to be making the most of what 2012 has to offer as it’s a significant year for the UK as we celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympics this summer, so there are lots of activities to get involved with and extra bank holidays to make the most of.”

Leeds/Bradford Airport Presentation for 10,000th passenger!

PRESS RELEASE {EAV:b26931b047c8e019}
Global Holidays, the online travel agent based in Leeds were at Leeds/Bradford airport today to celebrate the booking of their 10,000th passenger from the airport. David Brice, partner of the travel agency, received a bottle of champagne from Emma Holiday and James Broughton from Travel Trade Sales and Marketing at Leeds Bradford Airport.
Global Holidays was set up in 1996 and they claim to be the oldest established online travel agent in Yorkshire. David Brice said “Global Holidays set up a website in 1997 and we think we were one of the first agents to realise the potential of the internet”. Since then Global Holidays have booked over 150,000 clients from all over the world. In fact, they have just taken a booking from a family of 10 who live in The Falkland Islands !

Asked about their success David said “It’s all about offering a good choice of products at competitive prices but just as important is that we offer the best customer service that we can”. David also said that “It’s important that we support our local airport at Leeds/Bradford. It’s a fantastic airport and once the new facilities currently being constructed are finished it’s going to be superb. We always encourage our local customers to fly from Leeds/Bradford.”

Global Holidays are independent travel agents and they deal with hundreds of tour operators and travel suppliers. They have exclusive holiday deals and sell everything from flights, package holidays, tailor-made itineraries, villas and car hire.

For more information about booking a holiday with Global Holidays you can call FREE on 0800 433 2300 or from outside the UK +44 113 2582222

Titan Tours – Special deals and offers.

Global Holidays is delighted to announce that we have now started selling Titan Tours.

A Titan Travel escorted tour is a wonderful, unforgettable holiday. Instead of a single destination, you will experience the many highlights of a particular country or region in the most convenient way. The itinerary has already been expertly planned with your  comfort and enjoyment as the top priorities.

On the majority of Titan Tours a tour manager is on hand to look after you throughout. You will travel with a group of like-minded travellers and will forge long-lasting friendships.

Titan’s expertise extends beyond coaching holidays; many of the escorted tours feature unforgettable rail journeys and wonderful ocean or river cruises with our exclusive Cruise & Tour holiday concept.

We have added a selection of the best selling holidays from Titan Tours and we will be adding more over the next few weeks.

Prices are very competitive and we will aim to beat any genuine price. When booking a Titan Tours holiday you will also get our well known customer service. We are open 7 days a week from 09.00am until 10.00pm. All our sales team have wealth of knowledge and experience in many holiday destinations around the world and we will always do our best for you.

Call FREE on 0800 433 2300 for discounted prices on Titan Tours or visit our Titan Tours page.

Don’t go abroad says Stephen Fry and Visit Britain but he does!

Two of the Global Holidays team were at the cinema last night !

They, however, didn’t get to see the whole film that they went to see. They were at a showing  of the The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which they say was excellent, but they didn’t get to see the last 20 minutes of the film because the cinema had to be evacuated due to a fire ! Cinema go’ers thought that the special affects were excellent when they could smell smoke but it turned out that they were not part of the film ! So, if anybody can tell us how the film ended it would be appreciated. Did Bill Nighy turn back and go back to Judy Dench ? That’s what we want know !

Anyway, getting back to the main reason for writing this travel blog article. One of the advertisements before the film started was the new Visit Britain campaign asking us the question “Why go abroad when there is so much to see in Britain”. It was an expensive looking advert with non other than Stephen Fry as one of the celebrities campaigning for us all to stay in Britain.

Well, firstly, I think we can all make our own minds up thank you and secondly we go abroad for the weather and to see something different to what we are used to. Expensive hotels, restaurants and days out in Britain is something not many people can afford to do for a week or more. Travelling abroad means we can spend less and soak up the sun !

But the final insult to this expensive and pointless campaign is that the wonderful Stephen Fry was featured on the advert. How interesting, therefore, to see from his Twitter feed that he is presently in Wellington, New Zealand presumably either on holiday or being paid a large sum of money to invite us to visit the place !

So, our message is book a holiday abroad by calling us FREE on 0800 433 2300

Thomas Cook Airlines Call Centre is a joke!

Thomas Cook Airlines call centre is a joke!

We need to speak to someone at Thomas Cook about a medical request for a customer and we have been trying for several days to get through. Every time we call we spend several minutes pressing numbers to get through to the correct department only to be told that Thomas Cook are experiencing a high volume of calls and to call back later.

We called back later. In fact we called them many times over several days and got the same message.

So, we decided to call Thomas Cook as early as possible to try and be first in the queue, if there was one! We called at 08.30am and again pressed several numbers for the department we wanted. Again we were told that Thomas Cook is experiencing high call volumes. Eventually, when we got to the department we wanted a recorded voice said “sorry our office is closed and open at 09.00am”.

Thomas Cook needs to sort this out. How can they be experiencing a high volume of calls when they are closed!

Come on Thomas Cook…you can do better surely !

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