Website review – Discover the Greek Islands

Discover the Greek islands is a website specialising in holidays to the Greek islands. This is a review of the website and a look at the functionality of the site. First impressions are that the site is well set out, clean, fresh, professional and appears to have products and services that would attract me if I was looking for a holiday to Greece or the Greek islands.

On the home page, there is a list of several of the most popular Greek islands with a brief discription of each island. When you click on the island you are interested in you then have to choose the resort you want. If you don’t know which resort you want then you have to go through each resort to find something of interest. The resort pages list all the hotels in that resort and there does seem to be plenty of choice. The prices look pretty good as well, and the information provided is very comprehensive and there are some hotel reviews written by customers, which I always like to see. There is no online booking and no “live” prices. You have to call the company to check those.

All in all, a very professional looking website and I would give the website a rating of 8/10.

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