El Gaucho Steak House, York – Review

As you may know from one of my previous posts about 10 things to eat before you die I love a good steak. In fact it is number 1 on my list. Last week I realised that I had not eaten a good piece of beef steak for quite a few months so I decided that I needed one!. My daughter is a medical student at York University so I decided to visit her and go out for a meal on the Saturday evening. After a bit of research I discovered that there is an Argentine Steak restaurant in York called El Gaucho so I made a reservation and off we went.

The best steaks I have ever had have been in the USA. There is a chain called “The Outback” which have an Australian theme to them. After that the UK has some good beef but Argentina is famed for it beef and after I had a good experience at The River Plate restaurant in Leeds I have been a fan ever since.

The El Gaucho restaurant in York is quite small and because I booked late there was only space for us upstairs, but the food is the same so it didn’t matter. The menu at the El Gaucho is quite extensive. They also have chicken and salmon on the menu but I was there for the steaks. I decided to go for the Beef fillet which included chips and salad. I also had a side order of onion rings. At £21 the fillet was a little expensive but as it turned out it was money well spent as the beef was very tasty, succulent and well cooked. I like my steak cooked medium to well done. OK, I know many people will say that you should have it cooked rare, but I like mine medium to well and always have!

el gaucho york

The service at the El Gaucho was very efficient and friendly and when I was paying even the owner came out of the kitchen to talk to me. I nearly asked him if he could show me how to cook the perfect steak but I didn’t! (My home cooked steaks are ok, but I am still working on the best way to cook a steak)

Overall my visit to El Gaucho was a very good experience. If you like steaks and you live in the York area then I can highly recommend this restaurant. Judging by how busy it was I think a lot of other people have realised that it’s a little gem too!

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