Eurovision – that’s enough, thank you !

I watched Eurovision last year and decided that I would watch it again last night. I had heard the UK entry by Englebert Humperdink and thought it stood a decent chance. It was a nice ballad and I thought it was well suited to Eurovision. Unfortunately for the UK our song was first to be sung and as many people don’t start watching until half way through it was at a disadvantage even without the blatant political voting.

I listened to the first few songs including the Russian grannies but then found myself being drawn to the football on ITV. That was equally boring so it was not a good night for TV.

What’s annoying about Eurovision, and I say this every year, is the fact that votes are given to songs not based on how good the song is but based on whether one country likes another. As the UK entry came second from last we can assume that not many other countries like us, that is until they want our tourist visitors and help with sorting out the Euro. The UK song did not warrant a mere 12 votes compared to Sweden’s 300 plus.

So, I think enough is enough. It’s now embarrassing for the UK to be in the competition and that should be our last one. It’s not a proper competition anymore.

As for ITV putting on a decent nights TV to compete with Eurovision, all they could manage was Norway vs England live from Oslo followed by the news, and then followed by highlights of ….Norway vs England !!

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