My Mums Meat and Potato Pie

My mums meat and potato pie is the best !

Use good quality beef and cut it into cubes. You can even use tinned beef if you are feeling lazy!

The meat needs cooking separately.  Brown it first by rolling it in flour and putting into some oil in frying pan to seal meat.  Then transfer to a casserole with some stock, i.e. stock cube dissolved in boiling water and bake in oven say number 5 for a couple of hours or until tender. 

Peel potatoes and half cook and leave to cool.   When cool cut into pieces and add to the meat.   Thicken the stock and make a gravy.

Roll out pastry to appropriate size, add meat and potatoes and a small amount of the gravy and bake in hottish oven until pastry is golden brown.   Remainder of gravy can be used when serving.  ENJOY !

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