I Didn’t Watch Strictly Come Dancing

It has been anounced that over 13 million people watched the final of Strictly Come Dancing. I can happily say that I wasn’t one of them. Why anybody would want to vote on how good a dancer, a z list celebrity is, I will never understand. On the few short clips I have seen over the last 12 weeks all the dancers look equally as good as each other, so unless you are a trained dance expert the average person will not know one dance move from another. So, really, its all down to who you like most. Why¬†people have an opinion on that when you personally have never met that person I will never know! Which makes it a great shame that the nations favourite from the show, John Sergeant, didn’t win! When will we have a break from so called reality TV ? Surely, it has nearly run its course! I suspect, though, that I might be wrong on that!

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