Lets dig up our roads and drive at 100Mbps

In a blog post I made a few days ago about the UK economy and the recession I said that I thought that the UK government should build for the future and invest in new roads and civil engineering projects. After the 1930’s depression in the USA the government headed by President Roosevelt started a programme to build roads, dams, airports and similar other huge projects. Billions of dollars were poured into the US economy in a bid to get the economy going again and to get people back to work.

I think that is what the UK government should do as well but we should also be thinking about 21st century infrastructure building. By that, I mean we should start laying a fibre cable network throughout the UK so that the internet will run at 100 Mbps and not the average of 2 Mbps like the internet does now. There is no doubt that the internet is the new industrial revolution and we are still only at the beginning of it. The internet is here to stay so it needs to be improved so that we can all benefit from faster internet speeds which will herald a new way of working – an age of teleworking.

Our roads seem to be constantly dug up. It should be made law that whenever a road is dug up then a fibre cable should be laid as well at the same time. I read that on average our roads are dug up by utilitity companies every 7 years. That means we could probably have a nationwide fibre network in 10 years. That would put us ahead in Europe and give us an advantage for the future.

The trouble is that in the UK we talk too much about doing something and then when we do get around to doing it it costs twice as much. I realise that it needs to be decided who pays for it, but I believe that it should be a government project with private help. Reducing VAT cost the government over £12 Billion. That sum of money lays a lot of fibre cables!

I say – lets start digging up our roads and laying fibre cables, and the sooner the better !

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