My failed potato crop !

My attempt to become self-sufficient in potatoes has failed miserably ! About 3 months ago I planted 3 growing sacks with potatoes and had high hopes that I would have a good supply of home-grown potatoes ready for Christmas. I looked after them well but it seems our wet weather has taken its toll. About a month ago all the leaves went black and even to my inexperienced eye I knew that things were not looking good.

Anyway we decided that maybe potato blight was a problem and we cut off all the offending leaves. This was against my better judgement but anyway it happened. So, yesterday, the potatoes were dug up and whilst not expecting much I was shocked as to how bad the crop was. It is difficult to describe the end result but I can only say that they are small, very small infact! See the photo opposite. The largest was the size of a marble and the smallest the size of a pea!  

 I don’t think that I will try growing potatoes again. In fact I think that any attempt at The Good Life is doomed to disaster as far as I’m concerned so in future it’s supermarket vegetables for me !

As a consolation though it seems that it has been a bad year for potatoes in the UK due to the wet weather. This video about this years potato crop was on the BBC website.

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