Thruscross Resevoir – Such natural beauty so close to Leeds!

One of the best things I love about living in Leeds is that the city is very close to beautiful countryside, natural beauty and wildlife. Within 20 minutes drive of Leeds you can be in the countryside and walking footpaths and trails through woodland and up hills and peaks.

I have been to Thruscross Resevoir many times but I hadn’t been for a few years until yesterday when I took my camera and a drone to try and get some good video of the dam and countryside around it. The Autumn colours were out and the sun was shining so it was a good day for photography.

Thruscross Resevoir is just north of the Yorkshire town of Otley and west of Harrogate. It’s just off the A59 and is one of several resevoirs in the Washburn Valley. The resevoir was completed in 1966 so it’s the most recent resevoir to be constructed in the Washburn valley. The village of West End was flooded during the construction of Thruscross Resevoir and during severe droughts parts of the village can still be seen.

The area around Thruscross Resevoir is an area of natural beauty with woodland and moors and footpaths around the resevoir and surrounding area. There is a good sized car park next to Thruscross. It’s the sort of place that you can visit and not see anyone else although at weekends and holidays you see dog walkers and ramblers as well as curious sightseers who want to drive over the bridge at the top of the dam.

Thuscross Resevoir from the air.
Thuscross Rsevoir from the air.

I took two cameras for this visit to Thruscross Resevoir. I took my Nikon D3300 and tripod as well as a Yuneek Typhoon H drone. I decided to make a short film about Thruscross Resevoir and the video below is the end result.

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