Daleks Beaten At Last !

I was sad to read that the daleks are being retired from Dr Who. It seems that the daleks have been beaten far too often by the Dr and the producers of the show feel that the daleks need a well earned rest from battle!

The daleks first appeared in the Dr Who series in 1963 and I can still remember being terrified as a young boy and hiding behind the sofa when the daleks were on the series. The word “exterminate” will always make me think about the daleks.

I agree that it is about time the daleks evolved into something better. After all, how can a machine that can’t climb steps be considered a menacing threat to anyone? The daleks must have been one of the first machines sent to terrorise humanity but they have probably been eclipsed by the likes of the Terminator who can more easily climb a set of steps!

I am watching out for daleks on Ebay. One would look great in my living room. I could put it behind my sofa !