A holiday to Goa – Read a customers diary

Once you have been on a holiday to Goa the majority of people return year after year. This is certainly true of one of our customers who always send us a copy of their Goa holiday diary so that we can publish it on our travel blog. If you are a regular to Goa or thinking of going on holdiay to Goa for the first time the diary makes fascinating reading. The diary of a holdiay to Goa is published below. Hope you enjoy it.

This was our 12th visit.  I will give a quick report on our impressions. 

Firstly our usual hotel had really gone downhill.  Have done hotel report on this.  Our usual taxi driver never stopped moaning about the traffic, I told him he should try the M62/M621 out of Leeds every day of his life at 5:00 p.m. he would know what a traffic jam was then.  He also made a few sarcastic comments about the tips we gave him which annoyed me as we do tip him well overall as we do stay out quite late at night.  We have used him for quite a few years with no problem and we have a taxi every evening and quite often in the day too to go to other beaches in the north and south so he does make a lot of money out of us over the course of 3 weeks. 

I don’t know whether the problems was because we were going to a lot of the better restaurants and he suddenly thought we were rich and wanted a bigger share of our money.  Anyway it is to his detriment as we will have a change next year.  I did think the resort seemed a bit cleaner this year.  We actually saw the garbage collectors picking rubbish up from the surrounding area but I have to say I think most of the rubbish is left on the beach by domestic tourists, it was quite common to see them dropping litter as they walked along the beach.  

Things on the beach this year were horrendous as far as sunbeds were concerned.  We couldn’t use our normal shack as the law about 10 sunbeds to a shack is now very strictly adhered to which seems ridiculous as the shacks are losing out on business big time.  Some people hardly spend anything in the shacks so if they are stuck with this kind of customer they don’t make much money.  I can see them all charging for sunbeds in the future. 

I did think there were far less English tourists out there this year and lots more domestic tourists.  We did have a trip to Agonda for 3 days which we loved and hopefully in the future we will spend a week down there.  We didn’t find things any dearer this year as the exchange rate was so much better this year so this compensated for any price increases. 

We did hear of more serious crime this year, e.g. a fight between staff at Bobbies shack and Big Banana, first reports were that someone had been killed, then it changed to someone getting their arm chopped off with a machete, then it was just a big fight which resulted in both shacks being closed for a couple of days.  But customers ending up screaming and running off down the beach.  Also a couple of hotels were broken into with safe deposit boxes being wiped out.  Here goes but I do warn you we do a lot of sunbathing and eating…

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