Incredible Goa – Read about a holiday to Goa

Good customers of ours book their holiday to Goa with us every year and after they return from Goa they send us a diary of their Goa holiday. If you want to read their very interesting diary from 2010 click this link – Goa holiday diary.

Goa remains a holiday destination that attracts many return visitors year after year. If you want to enquire about a holiday to Goa please call us FREE on 0800 433 2300. In the meantime, if you are considering a holiday to Goa please read this fascinating diary from a customers 2011 Goa holiday below –

Unfortunately life took over once we arrived home and both of us have had some health problem or another with time off work, nothing to do with Goa I might add although we were given a thorough check up by the doctor.  I think it was all down to the English weather, Liz is still coughing for England.

I will give details of the places we ate in and the prices in a separate post.

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Diary of a holiday to Goa

If you are thinking about a holiday to Goa and you have never been before then it is a good idea to obtain as much information about the destination from people who have visited that place. Also, even if you have been to Goa before and you have fallen in love with the place it is good to read where other visitors go, what they can receommend you do when you are there and where the best places to eat are.
One of our regular customers has recently returned from Goa and she has written a diary about her 3 week holiday. We have obtained her permission to publish it on our travel blog, so, if you are interested in Goa then …read on !

3 week diary 

I know it is well over 2 months since we returned but unfortunately life takes over but I am going to make an attempt to do my report now.  Like a lot of other people when I look back perhaps we didn’t do much but lay around even though we were full of good intentions and we did read lots of books.  Hope its not too boring for you!I did try to take the rose coloured spectacles off this time and look at things with an open mind.  We did have problems with taxi drivers wanting to rip us off this year although in a way it was a good thing as it got us into using the bus, something we will definitely do in the future. Anyway I will now attempt the report on more or less day by day basis.

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