Eurovision Back To Basics !

I watched most of Eurovision last night. Eurovision is normally painful to watch but it somehow draws you in and I feel that I need to watch it just in case the UK entry manages to get more than one point. Every year I curse at the blatant political voting which seems to have got much worse over the last few years. Even Terry Wogan had had enough and had handed over the reigns to Graham Norton.

This year the voting rules had changed and the UK entry by Jade Ewan had been touted around Europe over the last few months, however, despite the song writing skills of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber the UK entry only managed 5th place, which for a mediocre song was a vast improvement on previous years. It looks like the rest of Europe took pity on us !

This years Eurovision winner was the Norwegian entry which wasn’t a bad song and was quite catchy but one that once you had heard it a few times will prove to be very irritating.

This years contest, however, was good from the point of view that it was a more serious contest with some reasonably good songs and not so many ridiculous costumes, although there were still some acts who had acrobats when they should have had backing singers ! They should should remember that Eurovision is a song contest not a travelling circus !

Iceland managed to afford the airfare for their entry and actually I quite liked it. They finished second.

I must admit that I did miss some of Eurovision as I ended up flicking over to ITV to watch some of Britain’s Got Talent which provided much better entertainment. Still, I suppose I will be watching again next year.