Leeds United – The Damned United !

I’m a Leeds United fan ! Always have been and always will be. These are dark times for all Leeds fans though. League One is not the place for Leeds, despite what other supporters may think. The reason I say that is because of the fantastic supporters. At the moment Leeds lie 8th in League One but it has just been announced by the Football League that Leeds have the largest away following of all the 72 League clubs. Many Premier League clubs would love to have the away support that Leeds have. On average Leeds take 2,480 supporters to away games.

Anyone who goes to football matches will know that the atmosphere at a football game is much better if there is a big away following. That’s why Leeds should be playing amongst the best teams. Unfortunately the football that Leeds play does not merit being in a higher division and that is just a big shame in my view.

Even Henry Winter the Daily Telegraph football writer has good things to say about Leeds United. Just as the new film about Brian Clough and his 44 days at Leeds United is released as a movie he says he hopes that Leeds don’t become “The Doomed United”. This is in reference to the title of the new Brian Clough movie called “The Damned United” !

The Daily Telgraph article is well worth a read and you can read it here