The Best Water Villa in The Maldives

We have all seen the holiday brochures with the amazing holiday destinations that we think we can only dream about. Those water villas in The Maldives, like the one in the picture above, look incredible and indeed they are. The cost of staying in a water villa in The Maldives can be very expensive especially on some of the exclusive island resorts in The Maldives but you might be surprised to learn that there are some much cheaper Maldives islands that offer a similar experience at a fraction of the price.

We have done our research, looked at the best water villa deals and come up with a few of the cheapest deals for water villas and water bungalows in The Maldives. They all might not have bathtubs that look out into the Indian Ocean but they will still provide you with a fantastic exotic Maldives resort experience that you will never forget. Some resorts will also have a Spa and you don’t have to be on a Honeymoon to still get the most of this type of holiday!

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