Help ! How Do I Open A Tin Of Spam ?


Spam. I actually like it ! I am not talking about internet spam that is the scourge of all our lives but I am talking about the meat. It comes in a tin and it is a great credit crunch meal. It tastes great fried or grilled until it is nice and brown and crispy. Tomato sauce is a good addition as well.

I only have one problem with Spam and that is every time I try to open a tin of it I can’t ! You see the problem is, despite the very clear instructions, that I always end up pulling off the metal tag on the top of the tin which means then that it is virtually impossible to open.

I have just wrestled with a tin of Spam for 20 minutes to try and get it open. The metal tag with which you are supposed to open the tin with snapped off and I had to eventually get a big knife to it to saw the tin open. I was lucky that I didn’t slice my hand off. A normal tin opener wouldn’t work on the tin so I had to resort to brute force to get it open.

Eventually I managed to get the top off the tin but getting the actual meat out was another problem. I had to prise it out with a knife. Maybe it’s just a man thing in that we like things to be simple but products with too much packaging is a pet hate of mine. Many times I have had to get a sharp knife to thick plastic which completley encases something. Everytime I do it I risk losing a lot of blood !

If anybody else has problems opening a tin of spam I would love to know and if anybody knows of a good way of opening the tin I can’t wait to hear from you.