Milan to Lake Como

What’s the best way to get to Lake Como from Milan airport ?

We are an independent travel agent and every day we provide advice for our customers about their holidays. One of today’s questions was about the best and cheapest way to get to Lake Como from Milan airport. This is the advice we gave our customer.

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe. The southern tip of the lake lies about 40km north of Milan towards the border with Switzerland and it is surrounded by mountains and forests.

If you are arriving at Milan’s Malpensa airport the the easiest way to get from the airport to Como is by using the Malpensa Express train. You will need to catch the train to Saronna and then transfer to the LeNord train to Como. The train from Milan airport runs from Terminal 1 and the whole journey takes about 1hr and 20 minutes.

There is a bus station just over the road from Le Nord Como Station where you can catch a bus to all the towns along the west coast of Lake Como. The cost of the train journey is about 9 Euro.

If there is a group of you we can arrange a mini bus that takes upto 8 people. The cost of a return mini bus from Milan Malpensa to Como is £300, but if there 8 of you that only equates to £19 per person each way and you will be dropped off at your hotel. If there are 2 of you travelling from Milan to Lake Como then the cost is £200 return using a private taxi so it is much cheaper to travel by train although if you have luggage it is not as convenient.

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