X Factor Ends Yet Another Series

I watched the final of the UK X Factor on Saturday night! It was reasonably good entertainment but I prefer the early auditions when you get all the really bad singers – its a good laugh. When the show gets past the early rounds it becomes just a karoake competition mostly but there are one or two good singers and Alexandra turned out to be a fairly good winner. In the final she sang a duet with Beyonce but for me that was a mistake as Beyonce showed up Alexandra with a diva of a performance.

I’m glad the series has finished but I must admit that I will miss Cheryl Cole. The show has made her a real star now and I’m afraid that Danni Mynogue gave a performance that didn’t contribute anything as far as I was concerned and I will be suprised if she is on the next series. Simon Cowell did his normal thing of telling the truth to the contestants in the way that only he can but he looked a bit bored to me by the end. He was probably thinking ahead to the money he will make from having a Christmas number 1.

Finally, here is my message to all you aspiring pop idols – start singing in the shower, sing in the car, sing whenever you can, take singing lessons and then form a band and sing real songs – rock songs !