Review of a walking holiday on Zante

The Greek island of Zante is not just about sun, beaches and nightlife. If you go to Zante outside the main summer months when the is not as intense then the island makes a great destination for a walking holiday. One of our customers has just returned from a walking holiday on Zante and here he describes what he found.

Having got used to the quieter Greek islands, which require a ferry crossing, and therefore tend to discourage families with young children, our coach transfer on Zakynthos, through brightly lit seaside resorts, seeming to consist of little more than tavernas, bars and souvenir shops, left us wondering what on earth we had let ourselves in for.

Our destination of Alikes too, at first seemed built to a similar plan but at least by then we knew it wasn’t a one-off. Our accommodation at the Lofos Studios was, if anything, better than the brochure description had led us to believe and though built adjacent to a relatively busy local road, proved to be sufficiently well away from the “main drag”, to offer the prospect of some peace and quiet. Our room even had a good view of the sea, (though most others hadn’t) contrary to what we had been told to expect. Continue reading “Review of a walking holiday on Zante”