The top searches on Google

At the end of every year the search engine Google publishes its list of the most searched for search terms. And, as always the list throws up some very interesting facts about what’s happening in the world and how people are thinking.

In terms of worldwide searches this is the top 10 searches in Google in 2008.

1. sarah palin
2. beijing 2008
3.facebook login
4. tuenti
5. heath ledger
6. obama
7.nasza klasa
8.wer kennt wen
9.euro 2008
10. jonas brothers

What’s interesting about the above list is that Sarah Palin, the Alaskan governor, who was John Mcain’s running mate in the 2008 US elections, came above the eventual winner Barak Obama. Maybe that’s because nobody had heard of her and we all wanted to know more.

At number 4 on the list is the word “tuenti” ! I had to look up the word on Google to find out what it meant as I had never heard of it. Tuenti is the Madrid based Spanish equivalent of Facebook !

At number 7 and 8 are phrases I have never heard of and out of all the top 10 global searches I can say that I didn’t search once for any of these.

Below are the results of the searches done in the UK

Fastest Rising in the UK

1. iplayer
2. facebook
3. iphone
4. youtube
5. yahoo mail
6. large hadron collider
7. obama
8. friv
9. jogos
10. wiki

A few surprises in the UK’s fastest rising search phrases. I have never heard of “friv”, which apparently is an online games website and jogos looks like a Spanish website for games cheats. Apart from that, we are showing how we like science as at number 7 the hadron collider was in the list.

Most Popular

1. facebook
2. bbc
3. youtube
4. ebay
5. games
6. news
7. hotmail
8. bebo
9. yahoo
10. jobs

Politicians (Most Popular)

1. gordon brown
2. david cameron
3. barack obama
4. tony blair
5. sarah palin
6. john mccain
7. george osborne
8. alistair darling
9. boris johnson
10. nicolas sarkozy

Recipes (Fastest Rising)

1. cupcake
2. meatballs
3. rocky road
4. crumble topping
5. eaton mess
6.pork belly
7. rhubarb fool
8. lemon posset
9. honey comb
10. beer batter

The top 10 recipe searches is a bit of an odd one. Cupcakes !…who on earth would want to make cupcakes ? I have no idea what rocky road is or lemon posset. Why is it that people aren’t searching for recipes for beef curry or Yorkshire puddings or beef stroganoff and other gourmet food !

Hottest tickets (Fastest Rising)

1. oasis
2. leonard cohen
3. ac/dc
4. the ashes
5. steve coogan
6. sos
7. oliver
8. gladiators
9. tina turner
10. nickleback

Oasis at number 1 for the most searched for band is a surprise too. I thought that Oasis were past their best, but obviously I am behind the times.

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