X-Factor running out of steam !

Only another two weeks before the X – Factor TV show finishes. Thank goodness for that. In my opinion the best part of the series is the auditions and watching the bad performances of the singers who think they are brilliant singers, when in fact they can’t sing one note in tune. If people think they are good singers they should join a band and start singing that way. If they are good then they will be successful. Hoping to be a singing star by taking part in a reality TV show is exploitation and only lines the pockets of the TV producers.

I have become bored of the show. All the performers are just manufactured and I would never buy any of their records. The world of mimed music and elaborate stage shows can never beat the sound of real live music. Music is all about having fun and learning to master an instrument. If you want to make it as a music star you have to start young and practice for many hours of the day. Steve Vai, the rock guitarist used to practice for 10 hours a day every day for many years. The same can be said of many other guitarists, piano players and so on.

It’s noticeable on the X-Factor that the judges don’t criticise the performers any more. Even Simon Cowell seems to have lost his ability to give constructive criticism. Cheryl Cole shows her lack of music knowledge by never making any meaningful comments. Only Danni regularly offers intelligent feedback and is the only one I see as a proper judge.

Meanwhile the show is being taken over by the general public who have now seen through the fragile covering of the show and have now started voting for those on the show that are entertaining. If the X-Factor was made up of attractive people who could really sing it would be even more boring than it is now. Wagner to win in my view !

Let the X-Factor finish and lets have some fresh TV shows. I can’t wait !

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