X-Factor vs The Voice

I was a big fan of X- Factor when it first started but the format became tired, in my opinion, so I stopped watching it. The best part about the X-Factor was the contestants who thought they were good singers, when in fact they were rubbish.  Then the show began to take advantage of these people and also it relied on the tragic life stories of some of the shows “it’s all I ever wanted” contestants.

In my grumpy opinion, if you are a good singer you will get noticed and you can go on to have a good singing career. Once the live shows started most of the singers were nothing special but there had to be a winner and most went on to do nothing, apart from featuring in celebrity magazines.

Then the “The Voice” came along and showed us all how many good singers there are out there. With a refreshing format based upon listening to the singer and avoiding the life stories the show has shown us all that we don’t need the X-Factor to discover new talent, because we already have lots. Just about every singer on The Voice has been good but some have been fantastic. Tonight’s show with  Jaz, the final contestant, left the best until last, as we all knew would happen !  He must be a clear favourite to win in my view.

The judges on The Voice have also been great. From Sir Tom Jones to WILL.I.AM and of course Jessie J. I love the way Jessie J chair dances and sings. She is a natural !

Simon Cowell seems to have admitted defeat. Simon….It’s time to move on !

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