A 70 year old’s view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

I  climbed the Sydney Harbour Brdge a few years ago and I thought it was a fantastic experience. It was no where near as scary as some people were making out and the height didn’t bother me at all. Some bridge climbers I saw though did turn around before they reached the top as they found it too much !

When a customer of ours sent in his holiday report for us to publish on our blog I decided to put his story on our blog and not mine. The reason being that this customer is 70 years of age. If he can climb the bridge so can you !

Watch a video of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb then read the fascinating report

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yhu7E7ONve8]

 A personal experience of the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

We are all familiar with the five words of sensible advise “Don’t drink if You Drive” but when I visited Australia last year I encountered a slight variation to those words of well being-“Don’t Drink if You Climb” ! I am referring to the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the best Sydney tours, where one of the requirements before you climb it is that you are breathalysed!

At the age of 70 I achieved yet another of my ambitions by climbing it during an around the world trip I made, and must admit the ascent was easier than I anticipated. In fact I would describe it more of a steep walk than the “Climb of your life” for which the ascent is billed. OK I suppose you could say I was reasonably fit for my age. I have to be seeing I am still actively engaged in two of my hobbies of SCUBA diving and mountain trekking.

It is stressed climbers must be physically fit with no fear of ladders which you have to climb up and down on many occasions during your walk of 1500 metres over the gentle metal curve of The Bridge sometimes nicknamed as the “Coathanger.” It should present no problem to the average reasonably fit person although I did hear a couple in my group complaining of aches in their calf muscles at times! As mentioned you will need to pass a breath test before the climb, so don’t have a drink beforehand! Other stipulations are climbers must be over 12 and you will be asked to complete a declaration form of the Bridge Climb’s terms and conditions. Continue reading “A 70 year old’s view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb”

Cycling coast to coast

Have you ever wanted to cycle the UK’s Coast to Coast (C2C)  cycling route?

This is an ambition of one or two of our team here at Global Holidays, but so far we have never found the time! That’s not a good excuse if you really do want to do something but you do need to make sure that you are reasonably fit and that you get some time in the saddle beforehand.

The “Coast to Coast”, or C2C as it’s called, is a 225 km cycle ride from Whitehaven in Cumbria to Tynecastle near Newcastle. The cycle route takes you past some of the most spectacular scenery in England, and the ride takes 4 days. Much of the route is either on quiet roads or proper off road cycle paths, as you cycle over The Pennines and through the Lake District. We can now offer you a way of cycling from coast to coast with less hassle.

Working in partnership with “Explore” we can arrange the whole cycle trip for you including cycle hire, support vehicle and accommodation. This cycling coast to coast trip takes place 4 times a year and costs £260 per person which we think is a bargain price. You will join a small group of other cyclists giving you the opportunity to make many friends along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Dust down your cycling helmet and become an adventurer for 4 days!

For more details including dates click here  Coast to Coast cycle trip

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Want to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or go into space?

Global Holidays has launched a new holiday section called  “Adventure Holidays & Adrenalin Rush”. Aimed at people that want more from a holiday than sitting on a beach and drinking cocktails the holidays featured include the Mt Kilimanjaro Summit Climb, a 20 day trek to Everest Base Camp, an 11 days Antarctic tour, holidays to Costa Rica and for adrenalin junkies, bungee jumping over the Victoria Falls and even a flight to the edge of space in a MIG 29.

More adventure holidays are being added all the time and we hope to have a database of about 50 of the top adventure holidays in the database in a few weeks time.

If you fancy an adventure then take a look at our new  Adventure Holidays  page


Costa Rica Holiday – A World of Nature


Costa Rica: A World of Nature featuring Tortuguero National Park, Sarapiqui Rain Forest & Manuel Antonio National Park

12 Days ● 24 Meals: 11 Breakfasts ● 4 Lunches ● 9 Dinners

A holiday to Costa Rica offers a holiday with a difference. Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America renowned for its diverse culture and also it has everything from rainforests to volacanos. In fact the Arenal volcano is one of Costa Rica’s biggest tourist attractions.

One of the most bio diverse regions in the world and home to some of the most colourful and exotic flora and fauna on earth, Costa Rica’s greatest national treasure is its abundance of birdlife and other wildlife making Costa Rica a treasure trove for naturalists and explorers.

If you want to visit this amazing country the best time to visit is between October and April and we have a 12 day tour that is excellent value for money.

You travel with just 24 passengers on this Explorations tour where a smaller group setting means a more personal travel experience.


Tortuguero National Park ● Sarapiqui Rain Forest ● Pineapple Plantation ● Bat Tour ● Chocolate-Making Demonstration   Cooking Demonstration ● River Rafting ● Farm Tour ● Cheese-Making Demonstration ● Arenal Volcano ● Manuel Antonio National Park ● Coffee Plantation

Enjoy a two night stay in Tortuguero National Park surrounded by the tropical forest and wildlife.

Choose a horseback ride to Arenal Volcano, a Hot Springs visit or a canopy zip line adventure high above the Arenal Volcano Rain Forest.

Spend three nights in Arenal with breathtaking views of the lava producing volcano.

Explore the pristine beauty and wildlife of famous Manuel Antonio National Park.

To see the full itinerary for this amazing holiday destination click the “Read More”  link  below……..

Continue reading “Costa Rica Holiday – A World of Nature”