Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan holiday report

Our client has just returned from a 16 night trip to Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan. Here is their diary of their holiday.

We had an amazing time and would definitely recommend getting a car and driver, everything was so easy and everything fell into place so well.  Even though it was hot we were not tired at all and we had very full days as you will see from my diary.  We used Global Holidays and Namaste India Tours and our driver Sanjay was brilliant, he really took care of us and took us to lots of places that weren’t in our itinerary.

All our hotels as well as the car were air conditioned which made for a comfortable life.  The only downside for us was that some of the places were vegetarian and not very imaginative vegetarian at that, sometimes we felt as though we were living on rice and cauliflower in different guises, I won’t be buying a cauliflower again for 6 months.  Also there was no drink available in restaurants and hotels and we were just dying for a nice cold beer at the end of the day, fortunately Sanjay always knew where to get one and kept us well stocked for drinking in our room.

We did know that some places were vegetarian and dry states so couldn’t complain about that.  We did find food and drink much more expensive than it is in Goa, our usual haunt in India, and the quality of food was nowhere near as good but that isn’t what we went for so didn’t let it bother us too much.  Would recommend taking a couple of coat hangers with you as we found hangers very scarce if at all in the hotels we stayed in.

Make sure you always have plenty of change to pay for leaving your shoes outside temples.  I think we spent more money getting our shoes back than they actually cost us in the first place!  The tipping business really got on my nerves.  I found some of the waiting staff very rude.  They would bring the bill and stand at your shoulder watching you get your money out of your wallet and even had the audacity to tell you they expected 10% tip.  We found this a particular problem when stopping at restaurants on the highway whilst travelling from one place to another.  I found this a bit extortionate as I do not give 10% tip in Goa and people accept what I give with no complaint.

As stated above we found the food expensive in some places and the service did not warrant a 10% tip.  We are not mean when it comes to tipping and usually tip everyone and anyone but I think it is up to me how much I tip after all tips are meant to be earned and should not be obligatory.  Another thing which I found very annoying was having someone hanging over me whenever I went to use the toilet.  Having someone stood virtually on top of you when you are trying to comb your hair and being pounced on the minute I open the cubicle door really irritates me.  I am quite capable of going to the toilet and washing my hands all by myself, I even have my own toilet roll. All our hotels were booked on a bed and breakfast basis so if this is the case with you inform the waiter when you are ordering breakfast otherwise you will be charged for breakfast as we were on the first day!  Here goes anyway:

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