Incredible Goa – Read about a holiday to Goa

Good customers of ours book their holiday to Goa with us every year and after they return from Goa they send us a diary of their Goa holiday. If you want to read their very interesting diary from 2010 click this link – Goa holiday diary.

Goa remains a holiday destination that attracts many return visitors year after year. If you want to enquire about a holiday to Goa please call us FREE on 0800 433 2300. In the meantime, if you are considering a holiday to Goa please read this fascinating diary from a customers 2011 Goa holiday below –

Unfortunately life took over once we arrived home and both of us have had some health problem or another with time off work, nothing to do with Goa I might add although we were given a thorough check up by the doctor.  I think it was all down to the English weather, Liz is still coughing for England.

I will give details of the places we ate in and the prices in a separate post.

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