Where to stay in Las Vegas

We are often asked whether we can recommend a hotel in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas can be  part of a USA multi centre holiday itinerary which also might include Los Angeles and San Francisco or you could spend all your holiday in Las Vegas. That’s what I did last time I went to Las Vegas. I spent a week there and flew to the Grand Canyon for a day.

So, where can we recommend you stay in Las Vegas ? Well, of course, it partly depends on your budget. There is such a huge choice of hotels in Las Vegas which is good news because you will always find that there are special offers and bargains to be had. Las Vegas has suffered from a decline in visitor numbers because of the recession and several hotels have closed but there are still more than enough hotel rooms to go around.

Las Vegas is a city in the desert. It is only about 30 minutes by plane to the Grand Canyon so it is possible to easily go there for the day. Las Vegas is mainly about The Las Vegas Strip or “The Strip” as it is called. This is where most of the hotels are and it is a wide busy road lined with very large hotels, casinos, restaurants, shops and bars. This is where you need to be staying and your hotel needs to be as close to the centre of The Strip as possible. As a rough guide, the centre is where the Bellagio Hotel is located. Having said that, anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip is good to stay as there is a monorail system that connects many of the hotels.

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