Las Vegas, California and Hawaii Holiday Review

It’s great when a customer sends us a written report about their holiday. These two holdiay reviews are about holidays to Las Vegas, California and Hawaii

When my partner said he really wanted to go to Las Vegas, California and Hawaii, I said I didn’t mind but I am so glad he talked me round to going.

We knew we wanted to travel when we got there and bought a map to decide where we fancied going – it wasn’t until we arrived in America and bought a more detailed map that we realised the size of the place!!

Originally we wanted to travel from Vegas to Napa Valley and the Red wood forest then down to San Francisco to Mexico and back to Vegas within 2 weeks – not a chance!!

As we weren’t totally sure where we were heading we booked a direct flight from Manchester to Vegas, 2 nights in the Hotel Circus Circus (purely because we’d heard of it) and we booked a rental car for 2 weeks. Plus our flight back – Vegas direct to Manchester.

The car rental place was just around the corner from the airport and as we were leaving we picked up a few free brochures which was our best move ever. A bit like travel guides full of vouchers for discount hotel prices.

Whilst queuing for our car we were warned by another couple that the company would try and talk us into upgrading our car. They did try to get us to upgrade but we stuck to our guns and they upgraded for free anyway! As neither of us at the time were 25 or over it cost an extra $15 per day for the car so only one of us drove.

We spent the next 2 days walking around with our mouths open in awe of the Las Vegas Strip…….. Continue reading “Las Vegas, California and Hawaii Holiday Review”