Las Vegas, California and Hawaii Holiday Review

It’s great when a customer sends us a written report about their holiday. These two holdiay reviews are about holidays to Las Vegas, California and Hawaii

When my partner said he really wanted to go to Las Vegas, California and Hawaii, I said I didn’t mind but I am so glad he talked me round to going.

We knew we wanted to travel when we got there and bought a map to decide where we fancied going – it wasn’t until we arrived in America and bought a more detailed map that we realised the size of the place!!

Originally we wanted to travel from Vegas to Napa Valley and the Red wood forest then down to San Francisco to Mexico and back to Vegas within 2 weeks – not a chance!!

As we weren’t totally sure where we were heading we booked a direct flight from Manchester to Vegas, 2 nights in the Hotel Circus Circus (purely because we’d heard of it) and we booked a rental car for 2 weeks. Plus our flight back – Vegas direct to Manchester.

The car rental place was just around the corner from the airport and as we were leaving we picked up a few free brochures which was our best move ever. A bit like travel guides full of vouchers for discount hotel prices.

Whilst queuing for our car we were warned by another couple that the company would try and talk us into upgrading our car. They did try to get us to upgrade but we stuck to our guns and they upgraded for free anyway! As neither of us at the time were 25 or over it cost an extra $15 per day for the car so only one of us drove.

We spent the next 2 days walking around with our mouths open in awe of the Las Vegas Strip……..

On the second night we looked at the map and decided we were going to head towards California the plan was to stop along the way firstly at the Yosemite National Park.

We decided against travelling through Death Valley as it was boiling hot on the normal roads.

My partner drove as I’ve never driven on the wrong side of the road before. It was amazing – just like in the films one long desert road with only the two of us on it.

We drove for hours but whereas in England it can get boring the journey flew and was constantly exciting. We went from desert road where there was nothing but a bit of tumble weed to snow capped mountains – it was quite strange as it was scorching hot but as we approached the junction to take us to Yosemite we found it blocked off due to snow!

We stopped instead in a small town called Lee Vining where all the locals dined at the nearby petrol station where the chef served the most amazing food.

In Lee Vining is Mono Lake – a geologist’s paradise. Ringed by volcanoes – new and old.

From there we headed off to Lake Tahoe which lies directly on the border of Nevada (which allow gambling) and California (which don’t) This means on one side of the road there is a line of casinos and on the other – there isn’t!!

We stopped here for one night and this is where I would suggest to anyone to not always go for the cheapest motel room – yes it did cost about $15 dollars for the room but it did also look like a murder had been committed in there the night before!

On to San Francisco

We were still driving on nice quiet roads slightly more busy than the desert ones but we were suddenly faced with eight lanes of traffic and no idea where we were heading – I’d picked somewhere in the book for us to stop as there was some discount on the rooms, so we decided instead of panicking which lane to go in and where we were heading we simply followed the car in front who by some complete fluke left us about 2 streets away from the hotel I’d picked! Probably not the best idea but it worked for us.

We stayed here for 3 days as there was so much to do and see.

– We walked up and down the famous streets where all the car chases are filmed
– Ate Clam Chowder at the famous Fisherman’s Wharfe
– Went to Pier 39 where there are hundreds of sea lions
– Went to Alcatraz which is a must, the free headsets that talk you through are really creepy.
– And of course walked on the Golden Gate Bridge – well more of a run onto it take a piccie and then run back to the tour bus.

We then started to head back to Vegas following the coastal road through San Francisco towards LA then onto Vegas stopping at various places on the way.

Viva Las Vegas!

As we hadn’t booked anywhere in advance we were surprised when the Hotels had trebled in price sometimes more because it was Mexican week when we got back and so for those days they just up the price, we ended up in Bourbon Street Hotel & Casino which is just off the strip, but is still well located.

We left Vegas not wanting to go and couldn’t wait to go back and take our friends with us.

A few months later we were back for our Honeymoon – Hawaii & Las Vegas

One word of advice – if you are travelling from England to Hawaii go for more than 3 days! From leaving our Manchester Hilton Airport to arriving at the Outrigger Reef Hotel Hawaii it had taken pretty much 27 hours – the good thing was due to the time difference we still arrived on the same day!

It didn’t matter that it had taken so long – the journey was brilliant.

I managed to watch about 5 films before never needing to see a television again.

Hawaii was great – everything we thought it would be and perfect for our honeymoon – but we did wish we had gone for longer as we didn’t do really do anything. It was nice to relax after the whole getting married thing and was just what we needed, a bit of sunbathing and lots of site seeing.

Although Hawaii is quite an expensive place to stay, we’ll go for longer next time as there are the quieter islands to visit and shows to see, but it was perfect for us.

Las Vegas

As we’d already been here before we couldn’t wait to get back but this time to PARTY.

Although it was our honeymoon we’d asked some of our friends to come and join us – we’d done the honeymoon bit in Hawaii.

Last time we went to Vegas it was April and very very hot – so hot you could hardly breath at times but this time it was September and a lot cooler. Still shorts weather and a lot more bearable.

We met up with our friends – had lessons in how to play certain games like craps and black jack then hit the strip and gambled.

If you are playing in a casino it is free drinks all night but you are best tipping – we gave about a dollar which was roughly 70p at the time for anything between beer and big cocktails. If you don’t tip then the waitress won’t come back to you for a very long time.

Last time we went to Vegas we went to the Grand Canyon which you have to go and see. This time we went to Hoover Dam which was the total extreme – Grand Canyon totally natural and the Hoover Dam completely man-made but just as incredible.

There is so much to do in Las Vegas there are hundreds of shows from the show girl cabaret acts to magic shows and live concerts, you will be surprised what you see in each and every hotel/casino from simply the décor inside and out to the full blown shows like at Treasure Island two life size pirate ships come alive and battle.

You can be in several different countries within minutes – The Hotel Paris, The Venetian, Hotel New York, It’s quite simply amazing.

There are some brilliant clubs, and you are guaranteed to see Elvis!

We are already planning our next trip. Thank you Global Holidays for organising two fantastic holidays.






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