Somali Pirates Must be Stupid or Very Brave

I last posted about Somali pirates back in November 2008 but the problem is still going on. Hopefully now though, they  may have bitten off more than they can chew as they are up against the US navy. Ship captain Richard Phillips is being held hostage in a boat along 4 Somali pirates and there is a US warship close by and several others are on their way.

These Somali pirates must either be very brave or very stupid. If I was afloat in a small boat surrounded by US warships with guns trained on me from all sides I think I would be just glad to get out alive and back to dry land. It’s reported though that the pirates are demanding a ransom for their hostage so it will be interesting how the whole episode pans out.

Knowing the Americans and how trigger happy they can be if would be good if the US navy just blasts them out of the water once the hostage is freed !





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