16 Month Jail Sentence for Egg Smuggler !

Sometimes I watch that TV programme about the Australian border police and it reminds me of the time that I went to Australia and we had all our food and drinks confiscated as we entered the country. I even had to throw away my mints as I went through Sydney Airport Customs.

 Australian Customs are rightly very keen and there are strict rules about what you can and can’t take into Australia.

Meanwhile, a  53-year-old Western Australia man has been found guilty and sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for attempting to smuggle parrot eggs into Australia.Mr Kevin Gledhill pleaded guilty in the Perth District Court earlier this month, and was convicted of importing eggs into Australia contrary to Regulation 303CD of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999. He was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment with a minimum of eight months to serve.

Customs and Border Protection Director Operations Investigations, Virginia Lynch, said this was a good result and others should take heed from Mr Gledhill’s conviction and sentencing.“If you attempt to smuggle wildlife into Australia you are committing a serious crime.””If caught offenders may face investigation, prosecution and penalties including jail time,” she said.“Customs and Border Protection continues to investigate and prosecute wildlife smuggling attempts into and out of Australia in a bid to end this cruel practice”, Customs and Border Protection officers stopped Mr Gledhill at Perth airport on 6 September 2009 arriving from Bali.During a baggage examination, officers became suspicious that the man was concealing prohibited items under his clothing. Further examination revealed the man was carrying 37 parrot eggs concealed in a specially made vest.

So, remember to be very careful what you take into Australia. Taking your favourite cut of beef to your relatives in Australia is a definite no no.

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