4 girls in short dresses and high heels find grumpy people in Prague!

Our Travel TV presenter, Becky Hayes, has just returned from a short break in Prague with 3 girl friends. Here she describes how they couldn’t find a stag party anywhere, despite a thorough search and also that wearing short dresses and high heels in Prague may make you stand out from the crowd a little more than you wanted!

It was my friend’s birthday and she decided she’d love a weekend away with the girls. Something cheap and cheerful but somewhere we’d never been before. Barcelona and Marrakesh were banded about but a few of us had been before. Then we saw a great deal to Prague; £169 each for flights and accommodation for 3 nights. Perfect!

My pre conceptions of Prague were that it would be stag do city however I couldn’t have been more wrong. We didn’t see a single stag party the whole time we were there and believe me, we searched high and low!

It’s a beautiful city with a real old fashioned feel, like you are in some kind of fairy tale. Prague Castle stands proudly elevated in the middle of it and the river with its restaurants and bars either side creates a romantic feel.

I now sound as if I’m creating some sort of magical place but let me stop you there. The people in Prague are so rude! I mean really rude. If they want to get past you, they will manhandle you out of the way. If you need help with something, they will either shrug or shout Czech obscenities at you. I had one particular encounter with a lady behind the desk of the metro. I couldn’t work out where to buy my ticket from and she bellowed at me as I cowered in the corner!

Also in Prague it is very casual. On an evening out, people are quite under dressed. It’s all about jeans, jumpers and scarves. Now we are 4 girls who like to dress up in the evenings, go for dinner and drinks and then a club. I kid you not, when the 4 of us dressed in short dresses and heels hit the centre of Prague on our first night, it felt like the whole city stopped dead to stare at us. Every bar we walked into or every restaurant we walked past people would gawp at us as if we were aliens that had just landed from Mars. It was the most bizarre thing! We actually found it quite embarrassing to start with but we soon got over it with a vodka or two!

Here are my top places for an evening out in Prague (just don’t get too dressed up!):

Nebe (Heaven) –This is a relatively new bar just by the museum metro stop. It’s modern and serves a lot of great cocktails. It has a small dance floor and the music is a lot of chart stuff from the UK. Also it’s free entry!

Duplex – This is a gorgeous club just down the street from Heaven. It has 2 floors and an outdoor terrace. It’s mainly commercial dance music played here and it has a great atmosphere. There are dancers on in the main room too.

Como – This restaurant is a must! We went here for my friend’s birthday meal and the staff couldn’t do enough to make our night enjoyable. They had decorated the table with rose petals and brought out a birthday cake at the end! The food was fantastic and very reasonably priced. For 4 people our bill came to approx £30 per person and that included a starter, a main, a glass of champagne each, a bottle of wine, bread and a birthday cake. It’s very chic inside with a singer and a piano player entertaining you throughout the evening.

Whilst in Prague we stayed at The Panorama Hotel. It’s about 4 metro stops from the city centre and is about half an hour away from the airport. It has great facilities including a rooftop pool (inside), gym, casino and a bar and restaurant that serve cocktails and very nice food. Also there is a big, modern shopping centre just round the corner that has everything you could need in it!





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