A Honeymoon fit for a Royal!

There is a luxury secluded island in the Seychelles called Desroches. It is located 230 km south of the capital Mahé and rumour has it that William and Kate, the royal newlyweds are having their honeymoon here. If this is true then they have chosen their holiday destination well because Desroches is pure paradise, being only 4 miles long with accommodation fit for a king!

The Seychelles are in the Indian Ocean and Desroches is so secluded that there is even no mobile phone signal there. March and April are the hottest months with the shade temperature being about 30C. July and August are the coolest months with temperatures of 21C so May when the royal couple are honeymooning is an ideal time to visit.

Desroches was originally named Wood Island by the British because of the dense trees on the island. It has white sandy beaches surrounded by a magnificent coral reef which is home to some of the best diving in the Seychelles. The most famous dive site is known as The Tunnel which is on the western side of Desroches drop off. The start of the Tunnel is at 6 metres and ends up at 25 metres. The reef abounds with may exotic fish including Snappers, Blue Fin King Fish and many more. The dive time is about 40 minutes.

If a little island-hopping is required then this is the place to do it, as the Seychelles is made up of more than 100 islands.

Desroches boasts the luxury Desroches Island Resort hotel. The island was named after the Chevalier des Roches, the Governor of Mauritius from 1767 to 1772. The hotel has 20 spacious beach suites and outdoor baths and showers.

If the royal couple are feeling energetic there is plenty to do on Desroches Island. There is a tennis court, nature walks, scuba diving and snorkeling, cycling tours and specialised fishing. A double room in the basic beach suite at Desroches Island Resort in May costs 550 Euros per person per night (£482) plus the cost of flights.

There are very few places left on Earth that can claim to be a true paradise but Desroches is one of them and it is perfect for any honeymoon or romantic holiday destination regardless of whether you are a royal couple or not!

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