A visit to Scarborough, North Yorkshire

I visited Scarborough last Sunday. Scarborough is a seaside resort on the coast of North Yorkshire. It is said that Scarborough is Britain’s first seaside resort and that visitors started going to Scarborough over 360 years ago. It was a cold day and there was quite a bit of snow on the ground, but despite the freezing weather there were still quite a few surfers out. It was probably warmer in the water than it was on land!

I love Scarborough in the winter as in the summer it can get very busy. The resort takes on a different look when its cold, damp and windy, but you can wonder along the beach, months after the donkey rides have finished, and as the wind batters you as it comes off the North Sea you feel windswept and refreshed and it’s a welcome change from the grime of a city.

Scarborough has two good beaches, North Bay and South Bay and there is a rocky headland between the two bays with a spectacular castle on it, which is well worth a visit.

Scarborough, in many ways is your typical English seaside resort with amusement arcades, fish and chip shops and beachfront huts selling seafood, hot dogs and candy floss, but Scarborough also has a spectacular promenade called the Marine Drive where in winter during high seas and windy weather the waves crash over the sea wall.

I took a couple of photos on my mobile phone. They are not very good photos but I think they demonstrate how grey and wintery it was on the day I visited!






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