All UK Airports to Re-open at 10.00 PM Tonight.

Lord Adonis the government transport secretary has just announced that all UK airspace will re-open from 10PM on Tuesday evening. It seems that the CAA has re-written the rules about when aircraft can fly in situations relating to volcanic ash.The government is saying that more data has been collected from test flights and they are now satisfied that is 100% safe to fly. Airlines will have to inspect their aircraft before and after every flight and report any damage to the CAA. The first flights should start arriving at London Heathrow by 10pm tonight but it will be some time before things get back to normal.Less volcanic ash is also being generated by the Icelandic volcano and this has helped the decision that has been made.In addition, other EU countries had begun to open their airspace and start flights again and if the UK had not followed suit it would have been very embarrassing for the UK government.You should consult your airline to find out whether your flight is to be operated as it will take several days for the situation to sort itself out.





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