Atoll Explorer, The Maldives – A Unique Experience.

atoll explorer cruise ship in The MaldivesHave you ever looked at a glossy holiday brochure and seen those stunning tropical islands in the Indian Ocean that look like paradise ?

If so, it’s likely that you were looking at the small group of islands called The Maldives.

Each island is a holiday resort itself and on each island you will find a few luxury beach bungalows, some water villas, one or two restaurants, usually a swimming pool, pristine white sands and crystal clear water and coral reefs.

The Maldives are the perfect place for an extra special holiday, maybe a honeymoon or for somewhere to get away from the stresses of everyday life. They are a place for relaxing, swimming and being pampered in the spa.Most people who visit The Maldives spend a week or maybe two weeks on the island itself, but did you know that you can also cruise around some of the islands in The Maldives on what’s called the Atoll Explorer ?

Why not spend one week cruising The Maldives on the Atoll Explorer and then spend 6 or 7 nights on an island of your choice ? This holiday is an undiscovered secret !

The Atoll Explorer cruise ship is only a small ship with only 20 cabins on board. It is very informal with no dressing up. There is one restaurant serving international cuisine. The cabins are small and simply furnished. All are outside cabins with a window or balcony, air-conditioning, telephone, shower and limited wardrobe space.

The Atoll Explorer though is a unique experience which offers you the opportunity to see several of these stunning islands. It is also possible to dive from the ship.

There is no other place in the world that offers this type of holiday experience and if you combine the cruise with a stay on an island it will certainly be a holiday that you will never forget.Global Holidays have a special offer on the Atoll Explorer cruise at the moment. If you travel in June 2011 then the price is only £1449 per person, which includes all flights and transfers.

If you wanted to combine the Atol Explorer cruise with a stay on a Maldives island, for a truly memorable holiday then we also have a special offer on the cruise and the beautiful Sheraton Full Moon resort. The price for a November departure is £2300 per person.

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    The Maldives are a truly wonderful destination as this article says and worth a visit at any price but these offers seem really good value for money. Although I just looked at the date of the post and I think I’ve probably missed the boat so to speak 🙂

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