Barack Obama and the descent of the US into the third world.

I was glad to see that Barack Obama has won the US Presidential race. There wasn’t really much of a choice though in my opinion ! The United States seems to be very good at choosing candidates that in any other country wouldn’t stand a chance of being elected. John McCain was too old and looked like he had been on a course of botox injections and Barack Obama was the inexperienced politician who was good at talking and making promises.

In the end the US voted for “change”, which is fine but I’m not exactly sure what real changes he will make. I was interested to see Obama holding a meeting with his advisors and then holding a brief press conference. He looked very nervous and I got the distinct impression that now he has done the easy bit and won he is now thinking… “this is a bummer…what the hell have I let myself in for..I can’t believe they actually believed me”.

But someone needs to grab the reins before its too late. My feeling is that the USA has reached its peak and is now going backwards. There is too much poverty and inequality and it may be impossible for anybody to stop the rot. Lets hope that for their sake and the whole world that Barack Obama can keep his promises.

As far the Republican party is concerned I think they need to give home affairs priority and also please lets not have Sarah Palin running for president in four years time. Anybody who thinks that Africa is one country….and spends her spare time with a shotgun… shouldn’t really be put in charge of the most powerful country in the world !





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