Bare all on a nude cruise!

Travel agents are reporting a significant increase in the number of people going on nude cruises.

Popular destinations include the Croatian coast, the Far East, the Caribbean and – not for the faint hearted – Alaska. 

Bare Necessities, a nudist travel company, says in its brochure: “Sun-bathe, without fear of tan lines, by one of three fabulous pools. Whether, you choose to gamble in the casino or catch a show, it can be done sans clothes,” reports the Times.

The nude cruise specialist has just announced its annual “the Big Nude Boat” cruise for 2013. They claim that there will a record breaking 3,000 people on the cruise that is a round trip between Fort Lauderdale and The Panama Canal. The cruise uses the Carnival Freedom

The average cruise-goer is between 45 and 55 and prices are similar to those of standard cruises.

John Stockdale, 51, spoke to the Times about his experience of nude cruising: “All kinds of people go – there are lots of retired teachers, doctors, professional people.

“After a while you don’t realise that people aren’t wearing clothes because everyone looks the same.”

He was keen to stress that wife swapping was not a feature of nudist cruises as many people think. This is supported by British Naturism which defines naturism as: 

“A way of life in harmony with nature…. with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment.”

There are rules on the cruises to ensure comfort and privacy are upheld. Generally mobile phones are not allowed and passengers are advised how to behave on initially entering a nudist environment.

Clothes are worn when disembarking and for formal dining. Staff wear clothes at all times.






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  1. florent avatar

    In France, I know a small nudist cruise company. They are sailing from Marseille to Corsica or from Marseille to Ile du Levant.
    It’s a bit different than the Big Nude Boat but it’s very smart as many passengers said.
    It’s name is Croisiere-med, you can find it at

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