Which is the best motorhome blog?

We haven’t been on a package holiday for about 8 years but we have managed to travel and see Europe more than ever before! That’s because we bought a motorhome six years ago and since then I have been writing motorhome travel articles for what I think is the best motorhome blog.

Norway motorhome tour
Our motorhome in Norway

How have we done this? Well, six years ago we bought a motorhome and since then we have visited many countries and spent a lot of time driving around in our motorhome end exploring places that a package holiday would never get us to. Over the last six years we have explored France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The best motorhome blog

You can read more in my motorhome blog where there are lots of motorhome blog articles about our adventures around Europe. We have traveled for many weeks at a time in our motorhome around Europe. In fact, our longest motorhome trip was over 2 years including a fantastic winter in Spain and Portugal.

One of the reasons that touring in a motorhome is so good is because the cost of staying overnight in a motorhome is reasonably cheap compared to the cost of hotels. France, in particular has a vast number of aire de camping car parks. Aires de camping car are designated areas where motorhome owners can park overnight, often equipped with facilities like electricity, water, and waste disposal facilities for motorhomes and camper vans. The cost of these motorhome overnight stops ranges from free to 15 Euros.

Buying a motorhome though can be expensive but they do tend to hold their value. There is also the cost of insurance, tax and maintenance to consider but in my opinion touring in a motorhome offers far more than a traditional holiday although there are pros and cons to both.

Touring Norway in a motorhome

One of the best places we have visited in our motorhome has been Norway, where we spent over a month exploring the stunning scenery and fjords. If you want to read more about touring Norway in a motorhome take a look at our motorhome blog where you will find a good amount of useful information and motorhome blog articles about the places we visited in in Norway. Let me know if you think that my home on wheels blog is the best motorhome blog!

Free motorhome stop in Norway
A free motorhome stopover in Norway





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