Beware of Fraudulant Holiday Villa Bookings

Booking holiday villas on the internet and booking a separate flight has become popular in the last few years. Be warned, however, because booking a holiday villa yourself leaves you exposed to financial loss.

Firstly, you are probably not financially protected if one part of the holiday goes “pear shaped”. This situation might leave you with a villa and no flight or a flight and no villa !Secondly, the City of London Fraud Office have said that dozens of consumers were being caught out by fraudsters advertising non-existent properties online.

Apparently some holidaymakers only realised the scam when they arrived to find their villa had never existed. The problem with fraudulent villa bookings saw a marked increase in August.Many people think that they will get a better deal online but this may not be the case and the Fraud Office is recommending that consumers book with a reputable travel agent.





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