Canadian Houseboat Holiday on Shuswap Lake, BC, Canada

Our guest blogger is Connie Motz, a freelance travel writer, living in British Columbia, Canada.

When the crimson and gold leaves are falling in southern British Columbia, it can only mean one thing – ski season is just around the corner!  But there’s still plenty of time for some great fall hiking, cycling or whatever floats your boat. 

 And in fact, this is the perfect time of year for houseboating on Shuswap Lake in BC’s North Okanagan area.  Why?  Because the majority of tourists have gone home so you’ll have the lake to yourself, the fall weather is great, and the prices are down, down, down!

 The beginning of September to the end of October is the traditional low season for houseboating in BC where visitors can save up to 55% off peak season prices (June through August).  While a weeklong summer houseboat rental could cost £2,010, you get one in the fall for as low as £1,131.

 Like a floating hotel with all the amenities, a typical houseboat can range from a comfortable 90 h.p. cruiser for 4 passengers up to a mega party boat for 24 (£4,730 low season/£8,731 high season).  While it might seem like a steep price to pay, it works out to be as little as £197 per person for a one-week stay!  Think family reunion while inviting your Canadian cousins – houseboating is truly an affordable Canadian vacation option.

 All houseboats come complete with sleeping cabins, full galley kitchens, dining area, and a rooftop deck for sun bathing.  The larger three-deck houseboats also offer an outdoor barbeque area, fireplace, hot tub with swim up bar, diving board, and a waterslide so you can enjoy the warm Shuswap Lake waters.

 There are more than 30 marine parks where you can safely dock your houseboat for the night as anchoring is not allowed on the lake; the water is just too deep to be safe, up to 267 metres!  Once onshore, you’re back to enjoying beautiful fall hiking, biking, picnicking and more.  Don’t forget your camera as there will be plenty of wildlife viewing and photo-ops along the way.  It’s no wonder houseboating is one of BC’s most popular vacation pastimes!

Photo of beautiful Shuswap Lake is by Alex Ristea

Our Guest Blogger, Connie Motz, is the author of Travel Writer travel blog. She’s been published in U.S. periodicals, Canadian newspapers, as well as online.






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