Car Hire in New York

Todays Question from a customer

Question – I want to hire a car in New York City. What are my options?

Answer :

It is possible to hire a car in New York city. There are several car rental companies that have offices on Manhattan island. The nearest car rental office to Midtown Manhattan is probably on West 52nd street.

Whilst we would not recommend driving in New York city itself due to the sheer volume of traffic (It’s easier to use the Metro or taxi), you may want to drive out of New York city to explore outside New York city itself.

One thing to bear in mind that car rental prices for a drop off and New York JFK are more expensive that a drop off at Newark Airport, so if the flight prices from the UK to JFK or Newark are the same then I would recommend flying into Newark to get the advantage of cheaper car hire prices from Newark Airport.

Also, some car rental offices in New York City itself are closed on a Sunday so this is something to bear in mind.

Once you have navigated yourself out of the city there is plenty of beautiful destinations to explore. Depending on the time you have available you could for example drive out to the very end of Long Island and see towns like Montauk  or drive into New York State.

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