Cornwall Holiday versus Majorca Holiday

As many Brits try to decide whether to take a holiday abroad this year or stay in this country for their annual summer holiday we decided to compare the costs of taking a two week holiday in Cornwall against a two weeks self catering holiday on Majorca.

A holiday cottage in Newquay

We looked at the cost of staying two weeks in a medium grade holiday cottage for 2 adults and 2 children. We chose a nice looking cottage in a good location close to the beach in Newquay, Corwall. We picked the date of 30 Julywhich is after the start of the school holidays. The total cost for 2 weeks was £1882.00. If this family had to travel from Leeds in West Yorkshire to Newquay the journey would be 365 miles taking just over 6 hours and costing £70 in petrol costs.

There are plenty of activities to do for a family in Cornwall but if the weather is bad then the family will have to consider finding somewhere to go to keep everyone occupied and happy. If the family spend a day at the Eden Project the that will cost £20 per adult and £7.50 per child making a total entry cost for the family of £55.

We looked at the cost of eating out in a typical restaurant in Newquay. The Cornish Steaks and Fish Restaurant has a nice looking menu. If 4 people were to have a starter and bangers and mash then the cost would be about £60 plus the cost of drinks. We won’t include the cost of buying food in our comparison as the family would need to buy food at home but if the family ate out say 4 times during their holiday you would be looking at a total cost of £240 plus the cost of drinks

The total cost of a holiday in Cornwall

Adding together the costs of the holiday cottage, petrol, a day out at the Eden Project and 4 meals out the total cost would be approximately £2317.00 for the family of 4 people.

Self catering apartment in Santa Ponsa, Majorca

We picked a 3 star apartment complex in the popular resort of Santa Ponsa, Majorca departing from Leeds/Bradford airport for 2 weeks from 29 July. We picked at random the Holiday Centre Apartments in Santa Ponsa, which is a 3 star complex, and only a short walk from a long stretch of sandy beach. The cost of flights, accommodation and transfers came to £2175.00.

The cost of eating out in Majorca is very similar to eating out in the UK so 4 meals at £60 a time comes to £240.

There is plenty to do on the beautiful island of Majorca. As well as guaranteed sunshine you could spend a day at one of several waterpark. Aqualand in El Arenal will cost a family of 4 about £65 in entrance fees.

Total cost of a holiday on Majorca

Adding together the package holiday to Santa Ponsa at £2175, a day out at Aqualand costing £65 and the cost of 4 meals out at £240, the total cost of a holiday to Majorca comes in at £2480.00.


In our holiday price comparison the cost of a holiday to Majorca was £163 more expensive than a holiday to Newquay in Cornwall. In our opinion you are likely to have better weather in Majorca which means that you will be able to spend more time as a family on the beach or outside by the swimming pool, therefore saving money on entrance fees for attractions. The holiday cottage in Newquay will offer more privacy but the apartment in Santa Ponsa has a swimming pool and activities for children. This price comparison shows that there is little difference bewteen the cost of a holiday in Cornwall compared to the cost of a holiday in Majorca. What you have to decide is ….. which holiday destination will you enjoy the most ?

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