Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Turkey

It was 2 years ago when I was on holiday in Kerala that I discovered that if you wanted cosmetic dental surgery it was better and cheaper to go abroad. India has some of the best trained doctors and dentists in the world and the Leela Kempinsky hotel in Kovalam that I was staying at had quite a few people staying there that were there not just for a holiday but also there to take advantage of the cheaper dental treatment.Since then, I have discovered that you don’t need to travel as far as Kerala in India to take advantage of much cheaper dental treatment.

Turkey has also become a popular destination for dental treatment. It makes sense really to take advantage of good weather and to take a holiday at the same time as having your treatments.One such company that offers cheaper dental treatment in Turkey is “New Look Smile”. Based in the lovely Turkish beach resort of Altinkum they claim to have treated 10,000 UK patients in the last 4 years, and saved their customers a fortune !I contacted New Look Smile for more information about their dental treatments and I was told by their UK representative that all their dentists are highly trained and speak fluent English.

Looking at their website certainly shows that the facilities at their clinic in Altinkum are top quality.I checked out the prices of dental treatment on the New Look Smile website and their price comparisons of similar dental treatments carried out in the UK looks very impressive. For example, they claim that 6 veneers and whitening in the UK will cost £4,350 whilst the same treatment in Turkey will cost £820. At these prices you can see that it is certainly worthwhile travelling on holiday to Turkey to get dental treatment carried out.

A holiday in Altinkum, Turkey costs anywhere from £300 to £600 per person depending on the time of year you travel and the standard of your accommodation so it makes complete sense to travel to Turkey to have dental treatment carried out.Like most people I have always wanted a perfect smile. Maybe for the next stage of my investigation into dental treatment in Turkey I should try out some of their treatments !

For more information about cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey contact New Look Smile in the UK on 0208 123 31 24

For a holiday in Altinkum contact Global Holidays on 0845 299 4450

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