Cycling the Monsal Trail

A few weeks ago I visited the Monsal Trail in The Peak District. It’s near Buxton and Bakewell and is well worth a visit if you are a cyclist or walker. The Trail is part of the old railway line that ran between London and Manchester. It was completed by Midland Railways in 1863 when the Monsal Viaduct was finished. For over 100 years the railway line remained open but it was eventually closed in 1968.

In 2011 the tunnels of the Monsal line were re-opened after being refurbished and now you can cycle or walk from Bakewell to Blackwell Mill near Buxton. There is a small car park at Blackwell Mill which gets very busy at weekends or you can park near the old Bakewell station where there is a bigger car park. You can hire cycles as well if you don’t want to take your own.

The Monsal Trail is fantastic for cycling. It’s flat and fairly wide although there are a lot of walkers that you will need to respect You will travel alongside the River Wye at times as well as through several tunnels so it’s a really entertaining cycle ride with plenty to see. The Monsal Trail cycle route is perfect for children and adults alike. You will, of course, have to cycle back the same way unless you can arrange for someone to pick you up at the other end.

Here are some photos that I took of The Monsal Trail on a very cloudy day.





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