Dancing on the Paris Plage in summer

Paris in summer is an amazing place to be. The city of romance is also the city of dance! Parisians love dancing and in August when the city opens the Paris Plage, it’s a city of colour and happiness.

For the last 3 summers I have visited Paris for a few days and it has become one of my favourite cities, close behind my favourite Venice. Take a stroll along the Paris Plage, an artificial beach created by the city along the River Seine which is created every summer and you can’t fail to be drawn into the eclectic atmosphere of music and dance. You will see everything from traditional dancing to street dance and you will be thinking that you want to join in, which of course you can!

It’s a joy to see so many people of all ages and cultural backgrounds taking part. Some are very good dancers and some are trying it for the first time, but it doesn’t matter how good you are or otherwise because that’s not the point. I stood there, mesmerised by the spectacle, asking myself should I try it too. It’s not just on the Paris Plage that you see dancing. Walking through a shopping centre looking for somewhere to eat one evening, we came across a few couples dancing inside the centre.  and this appeared to be a regular event as well.

The Paris Plage in summer is really like a  huge festival. There is street food, an artificial beach with imported sand, places to drink, deckchairs and sun loungers, play areas for children, lots of music and because it runs along the River Seine you really feel like you are beside the sea. What makes the Paris Plage special though is the people, everyone looks happy and relaxed and that is such a good thing to see.

Dancing on the Paris Plage
Dancing on the Paris Plage
Dancing in a Paris shopping centre






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