Dine Out For 2p, But Only If You Have No Shame !

Customers of a London restaurant can pay what they think the food is worth ! That’s right, a London restaurant owner has scrapped all the prices on his menu and said that his customers can choose anything on the menu and afterwards pay the amount that they think the meal is worth.

As a result of this brave offer takings would you believe have doubled and the place is full every night. I love unusual ways of promoting a business and getting publicity. This sort of promotion spreads like wildfire, but it’s such a simple idea. It seems that so far most people have been paying slightly less for their meals than they would normally pay but some have paid far more. The main point is though that more people have been eating there and takings are well up.

Nobody yet, apparently, has taken advantage, although one person went into the restaurant and paid 2 pence for a glass of water and it is probably just as well that the restaurant is not in a student area. I think if I was put in that situation I would pay a fair and reasonable price for my meal but at the same time I would want to save some money. I probably would, however, go more often.

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